Painting Blessed by Travel


Joy – water color and gauche

I retired from 35 years of flying with a major commercial airline. The glamor days were long gone by the time I retired, yet I loved the compatibility of my other co workers and the layovers where we would often find new worlds and experiences. After being retired for 3 years, I found I was a bit restless and missed the trips over the pond. My new retired life was fantastic with 2 grandchildren having recently been born and a new gallery that I was a member of. What more could I want! Still I was praying for something more and open to being called for God’s purpose whatever that may be.

Lifted Up

Lifted Up – water color and gauche

I did get that call out of the blue one day. The last thing I expected or could have dreamed of. Although that is how the mystery of God works. I was asked if I would be interested in flying in a new program for a ministry. I was definitely interested especially if it could be a part time position. Each call enlightened me more about the job and each time I thought I couldn’t do it. For example that we would be catering the plane ourselves, cleaning the plane including the bathrooms ourselves, no bunks as I was used to on the 777. When I saw sleeping bags ordered I really had to re evaluate my decision. Each time I started to back down I was met with a sermon, book or conversation that gave me courage and total peace. One major obstacle I had to get over was fear and learn to trust God.The fear was addressed one morning when I attended church in New York City at Redeemer Presbyterian Church and Tim Keller was the preacher addressing the matter of today living and serving without fear. That in itself was a blessing being present when he spoke to his congregation.


Dignity – water color and gauche

My experience thus far has been far beyond anything I could have imagined. I have met people of such rich Faith and compassion, humbling me in all aspects of my life. One picture image I have yet to create is one of two of my male work comrades fastening in a very frightened elderly women into an aisle chair in which they needed to carry down the steep stairs from the jet. They were bending over her with such compassion letting her know that they had her and they were not going to let anything happen to her. Three years later I’m still serving as a flight attendant for the ministry. With the recent hurricanes, I’m now being called out for several days a week instead of once every few months. It is a blessing to look at the underside of the tapestry and see how God has prepared me for this calling all my life.

How does this effect my art? My recent series “Praise and Joy” is based on my trips to Africa. The countries I have been to have endured so much with war and disease. The people I have met are strong and resilient and have so much dignity and joy despite there everyday conditions and all they have been through. The patterns and colors of they’re clothing are so beautiful.

Finishing the Race

Finishing the Race – water color and gauche

I love capturing the people in their culture and setting. This experience has put a new passion into my art. I look forward to capturing more images in which I hope to express the beauty and joy I witness.

I always love trying new mediums and techniques in my art. It is what keeps it exciting and fresh for me. This new series thus far has been a combined medium of water color and gauche. The combination creates an interesting surface as though it is pastel. The combined medium is very forgiving and lends itself to spontaneity and lots of freedom for myself as an artist.

I’m filled with awe and praise to God in giving me this chance to be involved with this ministry and the inspiration to paint freely using a new technique. I hope my fresh approach to painting shows the joy that these people express daily.

”When anxiety was great within me your consolation brought me joy.” Psalm 94: 19 NIV

Barbi Retires from 35 years Flying Career 2013

Barbi's FarewellOn September 28, 2013, I flew my last tip over the pond with 6 other retiring companions. We were met with a Fire Engine Salute. I have grown as a person, the flight attendants have become family to me. This will be what I will miss most about the job. We had many wonderful years, although some times tense. We shared tears together, laughter and got each other thru the tough times.I will treasure all my memories and experiences I had with my flying companions.

The Lucky SevenI had the pleasure of flying to cities such as Paris, London, Rome, Buenos Aires, Rio and many more. In Rio, I enjoyed the carnival parade, in Paris the Fat Tire night Bicycle Tour, in London, we always enjoyed the pubs and The West End Theatre. I now hope to paint those memories and share them with you.

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