Looking Up!

rencontres sur paris badoo Everyone in a while I think it is fun to photograph a painting that is in the works. Here I describe the three different stages of my work titled, Looking Up. Read below the three shot to get an idea of what I am thinking and feeling as I work…


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Most often I’m captured by the semi abstract quality. I’m really an Impressionist painter, but I sometimes feel like stopping early on my paintings and just letting them be abstract, especially when the balance and color are working together, making it a harmonious painting. I often tint the canvas as in this case with a bright orange. In this painting I needed to get the background of the blue sky in first. At this point because I’m working with oil paint I work with my dark values first, blocking in dark shapes, while varying the hues within the dark values. Next, I move to a medium value and work in a variety of greens, lightening as I build the structure of the painting. It really gets exciting for me when I add the lights and highlights.

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go here For the finishing touches I push myself to put in whites which really gives punch to the painting. Here you can see how the painting was transformed from my first strokes to my last!