“I am drawn to paint images that stimulate the senses and are deeply rooted in nature.

I strive to transform everyday scenes into dynamic affirmations of life.”


Do stop by to see my work in person during the upcoming Orange County Artists Guild Tour, the first two weekends in November. Here is a link to info about this event: http://orangecountyartistsguild.com/tour.php


New Works

I’ve fallen in love with the coastal scenes, the atmosphere of beautiful clouds, trees,water and the quaint coastal scenes.A recent trip to the Mountains has inspired me to paint the aspen trees with the magical light that shimmers amongst the vistas.

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I enjoy an alla prima style of painting with the use of bold brush strokes and the thick blending of rich colors enabling me to freely express the beauty of my surroundings.

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Ebullient Water

Paintings of water, which evoke emotion and exuberance. Peaceful reflective scenes applied freshly with a palette knife.

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